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Buying a franchise can be a great move for a would-be entrepreneur wanting to acquire a business model that already works on every level, from branding to pricing to marketing. It is fast becoming a strong way to enter and grow a business within New Zealand – we’re the most franchised country in the world* with $27.6 Billion of business format franchises. But making it work as a successful franchisee can be a lot more complicated than simply finding an appealing franchise brand and buying into it, therefore confidence with whom you franchise with is crucially important. *per capita. GDP figure from Statistics New Zealand

If you’re thinking of becoming a franchisee, how should you prepare yourself?

1. Take our FREE Franchisee Pre-Entry Training Course

We suggest before applying for franchise information and engaging in advice that you first complete the online Franchisee Pre-entry Training Course. This programme consists of 6 short, easy-to-follow modules that can all be completed at your own pace. The course has been designed to help you better understand franchising, your suitability for it and important information and guidance to consider when evaluating the purchase of a franchise opportunity.

To find out more about our FREE online course click here.

2. Seek advice

FANZ has many experienced and knowledgable Affiliate Members that can assist you in getting set up in a franchise. Talk to a few different advisors to see who you feel you easily relate to and who demonstrates that they understand the role you require of them. It is important to choose who you feel is a right fit for you as they guide you through what is an important life decision.

Ask your adviser if they are a member of the Franchise Association of NZ. FANZ has a comprehensive list of Affiliate Members who adhere to the FANZ Codes and Rules and have been independently checked prior to being approved as a member. The advisors that you will most likely need to engage with are Franchise Specialist Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers and Service Providers.

To view a full list of Affiliate Members click here.
To download our 5 Min Fact Finder click here.

3. Buy from a FANZ Member

Signing up with a FANZ Member gives you the security that the Franchisor is bound by the Franchising Code of Practice and the Code of Ethics, therefore is committed to best-practice franchising, has high standards and is dedicated to keeping them that way. All FANZ Members offer a seven day cooling-off period, which means you have time to reconsider if you realise it‘s not for you. FANZ Members offer a dispute resolution process in their agreements to protect your ongoing relationship. As a member franchise, both you and your employees are supported and can request direct support from FANZ. FANZ cannot support you if the franchise system you buy into is not a member.

To view our Codes of Practice and Ethics click here.
To view a full list of Franchise Members click here.

  • What time do you have available for the business?
  • Are you prepared to give up the security of a regular income?
  • Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of managing a business?
  • Do you have the total support of your partner?
  • What should you do if the business fails or does not perform up to expectations?
It is important to consider these issues, and to do so in a thoughtful and informed manner. Talk to people who know you well, and know what your capabilities are. Talk to self-employed friends and gauge what they’ve learned from their experience. Talk to your professional advisers. Talk to your partner, children or parents. But only talk to those who have something positive to contribute and are impartial or will be involved in the consequence of your decision.Click here to download our 5 Min Fact Finder (A simple tool to assess whether to purchase a franchise)Remember also, to complete the Franchisee Pre-entry Online Education Programme.
  • Research franchising as a business format
  • Decide what Industry and type of role you are interested in
  • Understand the evaluation/recruitment process – refer Pre-Entry Online Education
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Complete a Site/Field Visit and talk to other Franchisees
  • Understand the contents of a Disclosure Document
  • Understand the contents of a Franchise Agreement
For more detailed information why not take the free Franchisee Pre-Entry Course produced by FANZ, and authored by Franchize Consultants (NZ) Ltd.This course is made up of five segments that include both video and downloadable material for you to look at. Each segment takes about 40 minutes to complete and finishes with a simple set of questions to check whether you have taken in the information. Once you have finished all five segments, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from FANZ. Already there are franchise systems that require you to have completed the course as a way of demonstrating that you are serious about becoming a franchisee.Click here to make a start on becoming a knowledgeable potential franchisee
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" Being members ensures we keep up to date with relevant issues and changes, and ensures we are aligned with Best Practice in Franchising. The NZ franchising community is very collegial and supportive. Franchisors are amazingly willing to share their knowledge with each other. "



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" Credibility and networking with other franchisors is incredibly valuable. The franchise sector is very supportive and there is significant sharing of ideas and information – more so than any other association or environments I have been involved with. "


Paramount Services Ltd

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" Realising you are not alone in the world of franchising and knowing any situations you find yourself in, other members probably have been there too and therefore can advise on their experience and outcomes "


Rodney Wayne

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" We joined, and continue to be a member of FANZ, because it represents what’s good and right about franchising; it’s ethical, credible and has integrity. As members, we voluntarily adhere to the FANZ Codes and Rules. "

IAN ROBERTSON, General Manager


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" Whether a new or an established franchising business, we highly recommend joining FANZ. Not only do they guide you around the complexities of operating a franchised system, the backing of specialist advisors and a knowledgeable franchising community offer ongoing guidance to those looking to grow a successful franchise with strong and secure foundations. "


Aramex NZ (formerly Fastway Couriers)

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