Trish Blyth



Trish was previously a lawyer, but decided to follow her passion and became a full time Mediator. She has been a Mediator for over 30 years. Trish is based in West Auckland, but is happy to travel.

Trish has a lot of experience in franchise mediations and dealing with franchise disputes in the Disputes Tribunal.

As well as having her own private mediation practice, Trish has been a Disputes Tribunal Referee for 14 years. She is on the mediation panel for the Domain Name Commission, the Telecommunications Dispute Resolution Service, the government Family Dispute Resolution Service and the Law Society.

Trish is on the panel of mediators of both AMINZ and Resolution Institute (the two professional mediation bodies in NZ) and is a coach and Assessor for RI.

Trish’s mediation style is to assist people to really listen to each other, work out what their issues are and hear what each other needs, so they can create options that will meet their needs and then move forward to reach agreement.

Trish’s style of mediation works well for franchise disputes, whether the parties are continuing with the franchise or whether the franchise has ended or is likely to end.


Location availability: Trish is based in Auckland, however is happy to provide mediation services anywhere in New Zealand.

Online Mediations: Yes.