Paul Sills

Barrister and Mediator


LLB(Hons), Distinguished Fellow IAM, FAMINZ (Med/Arb), FCIArb, Harvard PON advanced mediation course.


Mediation Background:

Commercial mediator since 2010 with significant experience in the mediation of franchise disputes – both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom (working with QFA). Regular author (both New Zealand and internationally) on effective dispute resolution, with particular emphasis on the mediation of litigated disputes and NDR (negotiated dispute resolution – the early resolution of disputes). As the Deputy Director of Education for or AMINZ in New Zealand, running both the mediation and arbitration Fellowship programs.


Now operating full-time from London but available for online mediation projects in New Zealand.


Franchising Legal Experience:

Has acted both as a barrister and as a mediator in relation to numerous franchise disputes since 1995, including restraints of trade, IP licensing issues, disputes regarding retail franchise sites, franchise fee structures, exits from franchise agreements, expansion, structuring, multi-tier franchise structures and other commercial matters surrounding franchise agreements.