Chair's Message

Brad Jacobs

Welcome to the Franchise Association of New Zealand (FANZ), the peak body representing franchising in this country.

Franchising is a compelling business model for franchisors and franchisees alike and contributes considerably to the New Zealand economy. Our 2021 Survey of Franchising in New Zealand, conducted by Massey University, shows there are close to 600 different brands and more than 32,000 units spanning numerous sectors – all operating under a franchising model. Combined, those businesses contribute more than $36 billion in turnover or circa 10% of New Zealand GDP – or $58.5 billion, if fuel and motor vehicle retail figures are included. Franchising is also a substantial employer and job creator with more than 155,000 different people working in franchising businesses (many of whom are full-time).

Franchising certainly is an exciting business model. However, to achieve its full and positive potential, franchising needs to be approached and practiced with care and attention by both potential and existing franchisees, franchisors and advisors, alike. And that’s where FANZ comes in.

If you are a franchisor or master franchisee, being a FANZ member demonstrates your commitment to important franchising practices and the development of good franchising.

There are no specific laws governing franchising in New Zealand, like there are in some countries – including Australia. Only FANZ members publicly demonstrate their commitment to several aspects of best practice in franchising management and approach. They do this by their fundamental commitment to adhere to the FANZ Code of Practice and Code of Ethics.

FANZ also provides, supports and promotes education and networking opportunities that are valuable to the operation and optimisation of your franchisor and franchisees’ businesses via an annual two-day conference, regular seminar and learning events, and access to other training opportunities.

Membership of FANZ, importantly also, helps you to help FANZ advocate for a wider-appreciation of franchising and the protection of the franchising business model in New Zealand. FANZ is active in building franchising understanding with government and regularly provides submissions on important issues involving and/impacting franchising.

If you are thinking about buying a franchise, FANZ is dedicated to helping you better understand franchising ownership and the franchise research and purchase process. In particular, FANZ has developed and offers a comprehensive free online training programme for potential franchisees. Our franchisor members commit to many higher franchising standards than non-members, because they are required to adhere to a Code of Practice and Ethics. We also have a range of service provider members, including lawyers and accountants, who can help you with your franchising purchasing and establishment decisions. Of course, we also welcome you to our events.

Service Providers / Affiliates

FANZ has many legal, consulting, accounting, technology, publishing, broking, property and other service provider businesses as members. All FANZ members are required to adhere to important franchising standards set out in the Association’s Rules, Code of Practice and Code of Ethics.  If you advise franchisors or franchisees, or provide services to franchising businesses, you (and your clients) should benefit from FANZ membership and participating in FANZ events.

Individuals and Students

FANZ encourages anyone with an interest in franchising to join FANZ and/or participate in our events. If you are an individual you can become a member, too. If you are an academic or student teaching or researching franchising, then we also encourage your membership and engagement with other FANZ members.

Final Comment

Franchising is an exciting and potentially powerful business model for franchisors and franchisees alike. However, franchising needs to be approached with due care, on the part of both franchisees and franchisors.

Come join FANZ, be involved, learn, network, share, mentor and contribute to the development of great franchising, and, great business value and job creation, in New Zealand.